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Tiny Cultures, Big Results

Micro Cultura is a plant tissue culture advisory offering tailored training and procedure development for growers, breeders, nurseries, and existing tissue culture labs

Benefits of Tissue Culture

Disease Free

Pathogen screening to ensure healthiest starter material

Increased Vigor

Clean, juvenile vegetative material promotes higher yields

Genetic Banking

Safely store your most prized cultivars 

Reduced Loss

Starting with pathogen-tested, screened material reduces loss to disease and viral infections

Greater Control

 Greater production menu flexibility through genetic storage and full knowledge of plant history within your operations

Innovation Opportunities

A controlled environment and rapid multiplication of isolated samples lends itself to R&D opportunities to push your organization's envelope






When designing a lab to incorporate into your operations, cleanliness should be considered one of the most important factors. We provide expert guidance on lab location, floorplan, materials, and equiptment to meet your goals

Proficient aseptic technique in lab practices and plant material handling is the foundation of every tissue culture laboratory. Hands on training will be provided to technicians and evaluated throughout the course of lab establishment 

Understanding the stages of culture establishment is vital to your continued success. Your customized protocols will include instruction on:

Stock Plant Management 

Selection of Explant Material 

Screening and Pathogen Testing

Culture Media Formulation





 Tissue Culture SOP's and Training materials tailored to your organization's goals for future technician training and referral


Meet your Advisor

Rinnie is a highly experienced plant biologist with an extensive background in advanced tissue culture techniques and laboratory management. Having studied under Dr. Michael Kane for her Undergraduate career at University of Florida, she assisted in successfully eradicating viruses from commercially relevant species through meristem dissections and was awarded for her contributions to endangered species conservation using tissue culture techniques by the Society for Invitro Biology (SIVB). After graduating with honors she went on to pursue her Masters of Science in Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden. 

After completing her studies, Rinnie led Ball Horticulture's HQ tissue culture lab, servicing ornamental customers across 5 continents. Here, she developed her specialty, building Ball's Clean Stock Department, spearheading contamination reduction R&D initiatives, and served on the committee for the design and build of their new Tissue Culture Headquarters in Chicago.

Rinnie has since been in the Cannabis industry, holding production and R&D department management roles for the largest tissue culture provider of Cannabis plants in the United States. Here, she pioneered their clean stock, initiations,  and genetic storage protocols, helping their continued success and expansion. 

Rinnie is passionate about making science accessible. Through Micro Cultura, she addresses the industry's need for true high-quality teaching of reliable tissue culture protocols for breeders, growers, nurseries, and existing tissue culture laboratories, putting ownership of the highest plant quality in their own hands.


Society for Invitro Biology 

Botanical Society of America 

American Society of Plant Biologists 


"Working with Rinnie at Mico Cultura has been excellent. Her expertise and technical knowledge of micropropagation were apparent right away. Rinnie played an important role in our lab design phase, offering valuable insights and providing an equipment list tailored to our requirements plus recommending suppliers. She mapped out our initial workflow, timelines, and resource needs, aligning them with our storage and clean plant production targets.
One thing that sets Rinnie apart in my opinion is her commitment to tailoring her services to suit our company’s objectives and circumstances, rather than relying on generic protocols… which was a welcome departure from the one-size-fits-all approach. Her inclusion of indexing protocols was a helpful addition that I’d not seen before from others."

Joe Bevilacqua     

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